The mission of L. P. Grasso & Company, Inc. is to match qualified buyers with committed sellers quickly and efficiently. Success is accomplished by listening to the client’s desires and goals while understanding the client’s business and priorities. The unique person-to-person approach to the search process results in matches and facilitates an ideal fit between seller and buyer.



Thank you for visiting our web site. It is designed to help you discover information about buying and selling a business. You will not find "business for sale" or "looking to buy" listings. Other sites can provide you that service.

Confidentiality has been the cornerstone of my relationship with clients for 30 years. Personal contact with prospective buyers and sellers is the reason for the phenomenal success that our clients experience.

The site is educational. It provides you with guidance. When you decide you want results, contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. There is no cost or obligation.

The sections for buyers, sellers, financing and appraisals contain general information on our approach and articles by experts in the field. Forms are also included to give you an idea of the questions you need to ask yourself before you start the process.

Whether you choose us to represent you or not, it is important that you are an informed consumer of the products and services offered in the business transfer industry.

The purchase or sale of a business is a complicated and drawn out process. Many of those who have done it on their own equate it to having another full-time job. L. P. Grasso & Company, Inc. makes it easy for you. We invest maximum effort so you can continue to run your business.

It is important that your business remain healthy while you search for new acquisitions or implement your exit strategy. You provide yourself and your business with a safety net when you engage us to represent you.

You benefit from the proven approach I developed over the last 25 years. It significantly increases the chances of matching a willing buyer and a qualified seller. The exciting thing is that it is new and improved when compared to those used by other merger and acquisition specialists, intermediaries and business brokers. How do we do that? We do with the old-fashioned way, by hard work, consistent attention to detail and tenacious representation of your interests.

Your first step is a decision to get more information. You tell us what you are thinking. You let us know what you want to accomplish. We help you specify it in detail. Your requirements are the basis for a plan. We implement the plan. Your desired outcome is achieved. You are kept informed at each step in the process.

I guarantee that no one will work harder on your behalf. I guarantee that you will be told the truth.

It is great to be in the business of helping people fulfill their dream, get value for a lifetime of effort and receive the money needed to live comfortably. I know. My clients trust me with that responsibility. I get to do it every day. I look forward to hearing from you…and helping you get what you want.

With warm regards,



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